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Emozionella Strategy
Emozionella Strategy

Expanding your digital business into wearables

Expanding your digital business
into wearables

Business leaders and analysts agree: wearables are the next mobile revolution. Smartwatches are emerging as the primary force behind this groundbreaking change, bringing brands closer to their customers and redefining value in apps and services.
Emozionella Strategy is a consulting service that puts you at the forefront of value innovation with a focused app offering and business plan for smartwatches. We create the game-changing approach you need to engage targeted expansions of your digital services to smartwatches. Win over today’s increasingly mobile consumers and turbo-charge your sales with Emozionella Strategy.

Reimagining your business

Entire new business models are emerging from the wearable revolution. We develop your smartwatch strategy by finding new ways to create and capture value in line with your business and market trends.
Now you can successfully leap into the next phase of the highly dynamic mobile business.

Powering your offering

Emozionella Strategy delivers the comprehensive approach you need to fully complement your business — closing the gap between online and offline experiences.
Your new smartwatch strategy will dramatically boost your entire digital offering and link it to the other smart devices your brand uses to deliver services.

Perfect for your industry

The smartwatch is the most connected and personal device ever. It injects remarkable power into what is at the core of every world-class digital service: personalized content, convenient access and intimate interaction.  Practically every consumer business — including entertainment, fashion and many, many more — stands to greatly benefit from the smartwatch revolution.

What We Deliver

Emozionella’s deliverables are designed to be clear and immediately actionable. We create them based on your specific business needs and operational requirements, so each project has the right deliverables, in the form that best suits your objectives.

Here are typical examples.


  1. Assessment
  2. Value areas
  1. Insights
  2. Risks vs benefits


  1. Objectives
  2. Positioning
  1. Business plan
  2. Core services


  1. Offering mix
  2. Experiences
  1. Device strategy
  2. Roadmap


  1. Implementation plan
  2. Business processes
  1. Technology plan
  2. KPI


  1. Assessment
  2. Value areas
  3. Insights
  4. Risks vs benefits


  1. Objectives
  2. Positioning
  3. Business plan
  4. Core services


  1. Offering mix
  2. Experiences
  3. Device strategy
  4. Roadmap


  1. Implementation plan
  2. Business processes
  3. Technology plan
  4. KPI

Why Emozionella Strategy?

Beat the competition

Get in before your competitors and you’ll gain a huge market advantage as you win over those affluent tech-loving consumers. With Emozionella Strategy, you jump right in with innovative propositions to profit from the fast-growing, wearable-tech business.

Secure your future success

By being part of the dramatic change in mobile business today, you're solidly securing your company's success for tomorrow. We carry out detailed market research and employ sophisticated business modeling to ensure you’re getting the most out of the smartwatch revolution that’s turning digital business on its head.

Reach exciting new audiences

Emozionella Strategy allows you to instantly win over the hip new trendsetter consumer, a demographic with high disposable income. This primes your company to expand your reach by tapping into new segments that are young, trendy and excited about the latest in mobile technologies.

Operational approach

Step 1.
Market assessment
Step 2.
Step 3.
Implementation plan

Our consultants work independently or as additions to your team or external providers.
We work on-site and follow your internal working processes so that results arrive faster and are easier to implement.

Start growing your business
with smartwatch apps!


Find out how a smartwatch app can help you achieve your business objectives, add value to your offering and stay ahead of the competition. Already have a smartwatch app? We will make it more profitable, more relevant for users and more strategic to your business.
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