Artificial Intelligence
Emozionella Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

The first A.I. solution for wearables

The first A.I. solution for wearables

Emozionella Artificial Intelligence enables you to anticipate your consumers' needs and deliver higher value at a glance.
Our revolutionary algorithms build experiences around the contexts and personality of each user, and in real time. Content, features and notifications will always be relevant – and instantly available when the user needs them.
With Emozionella Artificial Intelligence, you can now deliver stunning smartwatch apps and create solutions that would otherwise be impossible to imagine.

Why you need Emozionella A.I.

Stay ahead of the game and give users only the most meaningful interactions, at the time they need it and in the most appealing way.

Emozionella Artificial Intelligence  makes your app simpler, more intimate and far more valuable for consumers.

It changes the nature of how you interact with your customers. You have never been this close to them, and business opportunities have never been bigger.

Your benefits

New engagement solutions
Superior experiences
Profitable sales and marketing environment

Designed for any kind of app

Artificial intelligence has been difficult to adopt; it's either too complex or too expensive. To solve this problem, we specifically designed Emozionella AI to be fast, reliable and easy to implement for apps.

Our revolutionary A.I. solution works on two levels: the «identification» algorithms recognize the personality of each user and the context of each interaction; the «cognitive» algorithms determine what content or feature is most relevant and how to present it best.

Emozionella AI algorithms are configured during the implementation project to match the specifics and requirements of the brand.


No need of centralized infrastructure: you can easily code it into your app so it runs seamlessly on the consumer side.
Platform agnostic: it can be implemented on any mobile ecosystem and is perfect also for smartphones and tablets
It just works: no manual data inputs are needed from users – Emozionella AI utilizes existing data which has been automatically created by the phone.

Taking your business to the next level

By powering the whole user experience, Emozionella Artificial Intelligence makes many areas of your digital business more profitable and successful.

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