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Emozionella is the first consulting company that specializes in smartwatch app concepts.   We help brands navigate the deep waters of wearable innovation and win over the new, connected consumer. What makes us different is our multi-functional approach to value creation and our use of artificial intelligence algorithms to design superior app experiences.

With more than 10 years’ experience in mobile business and design globally, our consultants are visionaries in their respective areas and are ready to help your company expand into the quickly growing smartwatch sector.

Founded in 2015, based in Madrid, Spain - operating globally.



Why Emozionella
Highly profitable apps
We have the right talent mix to deliver superior quality. Our product managers, technologists and designers work with fashion designers and psychologists to create the perfect app for any business strategy.
Big savings
Why waste time and money working with different providers of app concepts and design?
With Emozionella you’re just a step away from your entire smartwatch app concept. Thanks to our flat organization, we’re able to deliver results far faster, and cheaper, than other smartwatch app consultants.
Intelligent Experiences
To enable cutting-edge experiences, we apply artificial intelligence algorithms to our concepts.
Now each app delivers its functions based on the individuality of the user.

Management team

Giuliano Valeri

CEO & Chief information officer

Always a dreamer, for the past 15 years I’ve been helping creative and advertising agencies communicating with images. Fascinated with new technology I’ve developed new multi sensorial software to enhance human perception.

Raquel García Maciá

Founder & Chief Executive Consulting

Besides being a painter, Raquel is also an illustrator, graphic designer and a writer of tales for children, with over fifteen years of experience working with European publishers and Spanish and Italian advertising agencies. She can put her valued pictorial abilities to work on any and all media, from the most traditional to the newest digital techniques.

Fabio Valeri

Director of Products and Services

I am a product manager.  In the last few years I have been helping companies transitioning into the mobile business. I have 10+ years of management experience in industries including: fashion, telecommunication, insurance and publishing. I like to learn something new everyday. My passion is music!

Fabrizio Quintili

Interactional Psychologist

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always looked for ways to improve my performance in sports - I ended up finding many answers in psychology. Today I matured 15+ years in the field as a trainer and a coach. During the last 13 years, I have been involved in Interactional Psychology, helping brands build the best e-learning courses for their employees. My passion is chess.

Thomas Gabriel


Thomas is responsible for all sales activities in Germany. He's firmly focused on clients' individual needs and has a great deal of experience in international business and IT, having run his own IT company and been heavily involved in IT Security and Privacy and Data Security. He’s passionate about music, new technologies and history.

William J. Furney

Head of Sales, UK

William is responsible for all sales activities in the UK. He's firmly focused on clients' individual needs and has a great deal of experience in business and communications, having run his own newspaper company and been heavily involved in journalism and PR. He's passionate about health, fitness and painting!

Stefano Ferrari

Mobile Sound Designer

My solo project was brought to life by my willing of telling stories, experiences and impressions through sounds. I play a sort of playful electronic music for visionaries, mixed with Glitch Hop, Ambient and Post-Rock ingredients.

Mirkka Valeri

User Engagement Solutions

Responsible to define and implement the company’s Social Media marketing strategy. Administration includes content strategy, develop brand awareness, generate inbound traffic and cultivate leads and sales. Other responsibilities include collection of needed content (internally and externally) , implements the Company’s content strategy and develop a community participation.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to bring brands closer to their customers with revolutionary apps.

Our vision is to remove barriers between brands and their customers, allowing for a more intimate, fun – and mutually profitable – relationship.

Career opportunities

At Emozionella we are driven by passion. We believe in a world where relationships between people and brands are humanized, continuous and mutually profitable.

We help our customers to achieve greater success in their business by blending dynamic design and technology with business models that work.
If you are excited about innovation and want to tear the rules right up, we want to hear from you.
Become a digital disruptor.
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