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Emozionella Experience
Emozionella Experience

Designing your powerful smartwatch app

A wearable service; that’s what a smartwatch provides. It needs to be simple, fast and personal. Emozionella Experience is a consulting service that takes all these desirable elements and fuses them to create an incredible multi-sensory design for your smartwatch app. Our team of talented designers employ a mix of innovative methodologies, from context-based user journeys to stunning multi-sensory experiences, to  deliver a sales and marketing environment like no other.

Smooth as silk

Emozionella turns the entire app experience into a breeze. By powering user journeys with artificial intelligence, we enable the app to understand how the user is living in the moment and get rid of everything that’s not needed. It feels just right. Users will love it, and brands will reap even greater profit rewards. As an added bonus, stripping away the deadwood like this means apps are zippier than ever, either on their own or used to connect to external devices such as smartphones, on-demand TV services, or any other smart device.

Style worth showing off

The powerful smartwatch is not just about high technology; it’s also a fashion statement in its own right. After all, who’s going to wear a clunky old device on their wrist when they can be setting a design and tech trend? Your new audiences will be enthralled by what our top jewel artists and audio designers create: spectacular style and experiences every time they interact with your app.

Instinctive and multi-sensory

It’s all about the interaction, between your app and the user. Emozionella Experience facilitates this crucial aspect by using a coordinated set of multi-sensory designs that goes beyond the smartwatch screen and includes touch, sounds and tactile vibrations. Your app will be instinctive to users and create an emotional connection with them that’s unrivaled.

What We Deliver

Emozionella’s deliverables are designed to be clear and immediately actionable. We create them based on your specific business needs and operational requirements, so each project has the right deliverables, in the form that best suits your objectives.

Here are typical examples.

App experience design

  1. Functional design
  2. Journey design
  1. Multisensorial design
  2. AI application to dynamic composition


  1. Graphic elements
  2. Sound elements
  1. Animation elements and specs
  2. Haptics specs


  1. UX prototype on device
  2. Platforms elements
  1. Test cases

mobile integration

  1. Cross channels UX
  2. Devices journey
  1. Mobile Brand Identity


  1. Functional design
  2. Journey design
  3. Multisensorial design
  4. AI application to dynamic composition


  1. Graphic elements
  2. Sound elements
  3. Animation elements and specs
  4. Haptics specs


  1. UX prototype on device
  2. Platforms elements
  3. Test cases


  1. Cross channels UX
  2. Devices journey
  3. Mobile Brand Identity

Why Emozionella Experience?


We enable superior smartwatch experiences thanks to a highly skilled design team that includes interactive designers, psychologists, audio and jewel designers. For the customer, it all adds up to a seamless synergy that will blow their mind.

Let your brand work for you

With cutting-edge multi-sensory design, we create experiences that are extremely engaging and rewarding for the customer. This not only drives service excitement and support for your brand but results in long-lasting brand loyalty that translates into ongoing sales.

Attract the new mobile consumer

Today’s upwardly and very mobile consumers want something that not only looks great but also provides instant gratification, and with our context-based user journeys, that's just what we enable. Emozionella Experience will place your brand at the heart of the new generation of consumer.

Operational approach

Step 1.
Concept Requirements
Step 2.
User Experience Design
Step 3.

Our consultants work independently or as additions to your team or external providers.
We work on-site and follow your internal working processes so that results arrive faster and are easier to implement.

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