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Why your digital business needs a smartwatch strategy

2/3/2016, Giuliano V., CEO

I was attending a business meeting in Madrid recently and everyone was talking about the smartwatch market and its huge potential for the digital business.

What I kept hearing was: "how, exactly, will smartwatch technology help my business to grow?», «will wearables be widely adopted?» , «how does it change my digital business?»

An entirely different way of interacting.

With smartwatches, we first need to understand that this is not just an evolution in mobile technology and computing. No – it’s a revolution, and one that requires all kinds of changes. Take, for instance, how people use their smartwatches. It’s an entirely different way of interacting with them compared to smartphones or tablet computers.

A smartwatch creates a new type of interplay with the user. It sits on our writs, it’s a fashion item and - thanks to smart technology - it gives apps the possibility to anticipate our needs. You could say that, in effect, smartwatches turn the user-app relation into a stream of fast intimate interactions.

In many ways wearables remove the traditional barriers between products and services - bringing brands much closer to their customers.

How to profit? A new perspective.

Companies stand to significantly grow their business by expanding their digital offering into smartwatches.

In the next 2 years the smartwatch adoption will have over 60% growth, attracting the young, hip new trendsetter consumer with high disposable income. At this particular moment, brands have big opportunities to leap ahead of the competition and create a closer relation with their customers.

So, what it takes to power ahead? One thing: a new perspective.

Companies need to define a specific smartwatch strategy, reinvent services and apps for this wearable and design stylish & functional user experiences for their smartwatch app.

This is what we here at Emozionella are all about.

Our mission is to place brands at the forefront of this new digital business and guide them on their way to becoming true trailblazers in their industry.

To do this, we’ve built a radical interplay between business models, sophisticated designs and a cutting-edge cognitive technology that anticipates consumer needs – our «Disposition Identifier».

So, what are you waiting for? Dazzle your customers and race ahead of the competition with your very own incredible smartwatch experience! Get in touch now to find out more.

Giuliano Valeri,

CEO, Emozionella

P.S. In next week’s post, I’ll be talking about the number one reason that people are wild about the smartwatch experience – make sure you make time for it!

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Giuliano Valeri

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