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Why your business needs a smartwatch app now


Mobile consumers now demand on-the-go services, wherever they are in the world.

Smart companies know that, in order to win over millennials and stay ahead of the curve, they need to provide an intimate, on the go experience.

This is exactly what adding a smartwatch app offering to your digital business enable brands to do. Recently, eMarketer reported that in the United States, 25% of the population use a wearable device. This number is expected to grow another 17% over the next year. Due to these growing numbers, industries ranging from fitness to travel have all jumped on board with smartwatch apps.

There are imperative benefits connected with a smartwatch app, including:

Placing the brand closer to the consumer
The smartwatch application is easily accessible and provides information faster than anything on a computer or smartphone. Make no mistake: a smartwatch app is not only working on its own, but is a tremendous booster to the whole ecosystem.

Drawing millennials to your business
On smartwatches, your app can deliver a personalized experience that changes with how the user interacts with it. Millennials love this.

Turning your apps into personal advisors
Sharing each moment with consumers allows you to push advocacy, sales and brand awareness to the next level. From fitness to financing, you can engage, motivate and reward customers instantly.

To truly be able to satisfy the new mobile consumer,  you need to be in the game NOW, before the competition does. Consumers are not waiting, they turn to the brands that delivers them results when they need them.

At Emozionella we help brands to enjoy these business benefits. We enable them to deliver apps that anticipate user needs in real time and create a unique emotional bond with the user- all while boosting the company’s bottom line.

We can do this because we leverage the intimacy of the device with our multifunctional team, apply our Artificial Intelligence solution (designed to power app experiences) and because we create this revolutionary experience also for your smartphone app - so all your user base will benefit for this new intimate/smart approach, not just those having a smartwatch.

A smartwatch app goes beyond the wearable device itself. It’s part of a revolution that impacts strategically your entire digital ecosystem. The digital consumer has changed: he/she lives in constant connectivity, looks for smart apps that provide value at a glance and demands a personal interaction with brands. What is your plan for this?

Contact us today and together we’ll begin the journey toward the next phase of the mobile revolution —  more relevant to your customers, and much more profitable for you.


Fabio Valeri

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