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Why your business needs a new mobile strategy

30/5/2016, Giuliano V., CEO & Founder

How many times do we hear from brands: “The numbers of our digital business are fine, we have projects on their way - why do we need to innovate now?”

My answer to that question is simple: your mobile customers have changed. Their digital needs are evolving faster than ever before and in a new, profound way.
Consumers live such a connected lifestyle that existing solutions no longer fit.

From social networks to news and entertainment, every aspect of our life is now mobile. For users, this means an overload of information and interactions to manage. Smartphone apps are continuously demanding our attention, making things messy and - at times - disturbing!

In this condition, it is now very hard for brands to have people downloading their app, let alone use it regularly.

It's time to change strategy.

What users want now are smart and simple solutions that blend seamlessly into their lifestyle and enable them to focus solely on what really matters to them.

That’s what smartwatch apps enable your brand to deliver.

This is possible because smartwatches are much easier and quicker to access (they are on the wrist), are easily interactive and multi-sensorial. Plus, by leveraging data on the device, they enable a smart interaction adaptive to context and personality.

Smartwatch apps allow you to finally create an intelligent, human-like interaction that saves your customers' time, creates a comfortable feeling, and reduces the effort by enabling users to focus only on what’s really relevant.

With a global smartwatch penetration of about 10% (20% among those with higher income) and growing 60% this year alone, now is the best moment to surf the wave of this new business revolution.

If your business doesn't start looking into these new consumers needs now - even at a strategic level - it will be too late and will start impacting your bottom line.
At Emozionella, we have defined specific consulting services for strategy, concepts, and experiences to help you expand your business into this new smartwatch era. We employ artificial intelligence algorithms defined by our psychologists and technologists to enable apps to anticipate consumer needs and create value in a whole new way.

Are you interested in knowing how to expand your customer base? Contact us today.


Giuliano Valeri

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