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Why smartwatch apps need reinvention

21/3/2016, Giuliano V., CEO

Don’t think that all watch apps are the same, because they’re not. There’s a watch app and then there’s the whole other world and rich experience of the smartwatch app.

Up to now, in the fairly new smartwatch market, user journeys have mainly been imagined along the lines of a smartphone: predictably, people experiencing these so-called apps have been left disappointed.

The small face of a smartwatch means there’s not a lot of room to do the same tap-tap-tapping that you do on a smartphone or tablet. It’s meant to be simpler and smoother, and we're making it so. That’s because we’re creating entire new smartwatch experiences by rethinking how services are offered via the devices.

What this essentially means is «services at a glance», instead of having to look for and open apps. It translates into far higher value for every mobile moment and gives customers new ways to access services. Designs incorporate service access points as elements of the watch face, along with glances and notifications. Interaction is now no longer just about touch but voice, tactical stimulations and sounds too.

What do smartwatch users value the most about their devices? Speed tops the list, according to recent reports, with users saying they like services that deliver value within around three seconds.

So it’s clear that, with the introduction and rise of the smartwatch, the entire experience must be reworked from a totally different perspective.

Emozionella can help you to design and launch your smartwatch experience, allowing your company to rapidly snare market share and win.

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