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The one reason people are crazy about the smartwatch experience

7/3/2016, Giuliano V., CEO

There’s no denying it: people just love the whole smartwatch experience. These dynamic devices blend seamlessly with our lives, allowing us to get the information we need without interruption. There’s no searching for your smartphone and stopping what you’re doing to open an app  – because the smartwatch is right there on your wrist.

It’s definitely making our lives easier, and so it wasn’t surprising to learn that the recently introduced Apple Watch ranks higher than the iPhone in terms of customer satisfaction, at the same point since they were both launched into the market.

Mobile is fast overtaking other types of computing technology  because it’s there when you need it and the information is instant. Increasingly, people want what we call “intelligent simplicity” – living an always-connected lifestyle with no effort whatsoever. That’s the smartwatch in a nutshell.

Here at Emozionella, we believe it’s no longer about merely creating smart functionality. To deliver a highly personal smartwatch environment, it’s essential to devise an intelligent experience that’s capable of anticipating people’s needs.

We employ a powerful combination of advanced technology (in the form of our Disposition Identifier), relational business models and incredibly impactful design to create a user experience like no other.

Don’t miss out on the real opportunities waiting for every business in the smartwatch sector – get in touch with us now and find out how your company can reap the rewards.

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Giuliano Valeri

CEO & Chief information officer
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