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The one quality every smartwatch app must have

13/4/2016, Giuliano V., CEO & Founder

The moment you start using a smartwatch app, you realize it feels like nothing you’ve experienced before. You suddenly recognize that having a device on your skin is totally different to using a smartphone.

It immediately becomes clear that it’s not possible to expect users to navigate through options or make selections: the device is simply too small. Interactions need to be fast and brief – but how can that be possible? Well, apps must deliver value when and how best fits consumers’ needs. So, essentially, the consumer will not need to choose and select at all.

To be this proactive, an app needs to go beyond being smart. It needs to be intelligent by correctly utilizing and analyzing data. It’s clear that what makes or breaks a smartwatch app is how it learns to adapt to the context, and the user.

When creating app concepts, at Emozionella we apply a cognitive engine, an intuitive framework developed by our psychologists and technologists to analyze data and determine the key context and personality parameters.
In essence, this enables your business to create value in a whole new way and conceive apps that would otherwise be impossible to imagine.

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Giuliano Valeri

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