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The best kept secret about smartwatches

2/5/2016, Giuliano V., CEO & Founder

“How can you use it with such a small screen?” This is a typical question people have when they see a smartwatch for the first time, and for good reason. On a smartphone, the screen is the ultimate interaction component and many tend to apply the same logic to smartwatches. But that’s not the case – interaction happens entirely differently.

Let’s look at other devices, as each has its own interaction model. The PC has the keyboard and mouse; the iPod has the click wheel; the smartphone, a touchscreen; and the smartwatch has multi-sensory interaction.

Being on our skin enables smartwatches to interact at a new and intimate level. It’s more human because it mixes visual, physical and sonic stimulations - both ways. This sophisticated multi-sensory interaction means the screen is now just one element in the process.

User experiences need to be redesigned from scratch, and from a new perspective. Don’t just limit your experiences to the watch’s display - reimagine it. Think about multi-sensory communication that makes the user feel good just by using your app.

At Emozionella, we have developed a new-experience framework and employ the necessary cutting-edge skills needed to design the right smartwatch experience for your app.

Contact us now to see how we can create your incredible new smartwatch app environment.


Giuliano Valeri

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