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How to make your smartwatch and smartphone apps work as a team


A hot topic when it comes to creating smartwatch apps is the debatable value or risk of comparable smartphone apps. I’m here to let you know smartphones and smartwatches can work together harmoniously, not just for the good of your customers, but for the good of your business too.

Match made in heaven?

Smartwatches and smartphones do naturally complement each other in delivering the mobile experience, however they have two different objectives:

  1. Smartwatch apps are focused on satisfying moment by moment needs instantly
  2. Smartphone apps exist to offer rich functionality on the go

So, if the two products are well made, there should be no purpose overlap between the two.

Bear in mind that the smartwatch app revolution is not about delivering on the wrist what users already have on their phone, but creating new value propositions built around the specifics of the wearable device — which will best satisfy the evolving needs of each consumer. Phones alone cannot do this, because their in-the-pocket experience doesn't entirely fulfill the constant connectivity demands of the new digital consumer. But bring a phone together with a smartwatch, and you take the experience to a whole new level.

Enter Emozionella

This is where our work at Emozionella comes in. When we create smartwatch-focused apps, we don’t limit our vision to wearables, but consider the potential of smartphones to complete the experience and make the smartwatch app even more effective.

As an example, say a bank wants to improve the experience of their financial trading services. The smartwatch app can be conceived around the unique role of a personal assistant: providing instant trading tools and advice, motivating, building confidence, and delivering a user-interaction experience that’s more personal and human. Meanwhile the complimentary phone app can be designed to provide extended reporting features, deeper financial analysis tools and — to the extent possible — the core functions to those who do not have a smartwatch.

There are three advantages to this:

  1. More value to the users
    Brands can deliver more value to their customers by bringing together the intimacy of the watch and the power of the phone.
  2. More users more of the time
    It expands the number of people who can benefit from your new value proposition, since those with just a smartphone can use it too.
  3. A superior experience
    It provides a richer, cross-device experience that’s more relevant for the new mobile consumer.

Is this the same across the board?

Whilst this is our approach at Emozionella, the market situation is admittedly mixed, and it’s common to see smartwatch apps with useless corresponding phone apps, and vice versa. Meaning the experience is less about what the customer needs, and more about the devices.

Remember, it’s about the experience, not the app.

We believe the fundamental rule to creating great apps is not to think in terms of apps but experiences. Start from the objectives of the consumer and once defined, work backwards until you have a genuinely value-generating app.

Wondering how smartwatch apps can help you deliver more value to your customers and business to your brand? Take advantage of Emozionella’s two-hour consultation today. It’s totally free, and you’ll be all the smarter for it!

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