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Here’s why your health insurance product needs a smartwatch app


From the very beginning, wearable devices have been adopted by the health and insurance industries. And for good reason: never before has it been so easy to monitor biometric activities and start a journey to a healthier life. For insurers this represented a new way to map risks and set attractive premiums: individuals taking care of their health could ultimately get access to lower premiums.

Now smartwatches take this to the next level: besides tracking activities and biometric data, they also allow fast and smart interactions with the user.

So, thanks to smartwatch apps, now insurers can change the perception of their health product and become true lifestyle coaches by providing personalized health-improvement plans and motivating the user through the process.

This new human dimension of health services turns smartwatch apps into an incredible business opportunity. Let’s have a look at the three main benefits:

1. Appeal to a wider audience
Apps that support healthier lifestyles (mentally and physically) create awareness and a higher sensibility towards your health protection offerings and connected services. This expands your reach into segments otherwise not inclined to consider this type of insurance.

2. Grow your customer base
Apps are smart and enable integration with your products at a business level – connecting lifestyle achievements with your health products (for risk mapping, setting premiums or for other forms of rewards), thereby making the offering more appealing, personal and convenient: health improvements could mean lower premiums, for example.

3. Grow retention
With such an app for your customers, you don’t only provide a monetary benefit but also become part of their lives. You connect at an intimate level and show you care. This builds trust, retention and advocacy.
While these ideas have been around for a number of years and implemented around the world at different levels – with smartbands and online platforms, for example – the coaching element and human interaction was fundamentally not available. But that’s exactly what makes these kinds of services successful and creates true engagement – making the entire process personal, fun and satisfying.

What are the new smartwatch features that can finally make this happen?

• Immediate app-user interaction
• Superior experience thanks to smart functions and gamification logic
• Wider and more precise tracking of biometric data 

At Emozionella we have designed unique smartwatch app solutions for health insurance products and have gone even further to apply our powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithms to adjust user interaction according to personality and context.

This means your products will be more personal, easier and attractive.
Just think how you could immediately gain more traction and visibility by going this exciting new business direction. 

You now have, at your fingertips, the opportunity to reinvent your health insurance products and leap far ahead of the competition.

Are you ready?  Contact Emozionella now.


Fabio Valeri

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