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3 reasons your app needs Al to be successful


Over the last few months, I participated in two great technology events (Web Summit in Lisbon and Slush in Helsinki). While there I exchanged ideas, and participated in roundtables on AI and was very excited to see it finally at the forefront of digital transformation and becoming mainstream.

Despite the hype, among brands I have noticed an unclarity on how AI actually would add value to mobile apps. What problem does it solve? Is there anything else besides speech recognition?

The short answer to the question is yes, there is a lot more, because AI deals with what really matters in your digital products: experience, emotional connection, and relevance of services. All the problems it solves can be summed up in three categories.

How to attract new customers?
We are all in the experience business and our customers count on it. What users love and remember about our app is the feeling they get when they use it. AI empowers experiences to be more personal, effectively establishing the one-to-one connection consumers crave.

How to boost app retention?
As app marketers know very well, the major problem with apps isn’t just a lack of downloads, but retention: how to keep the app usage high? By enabling interaction with the consumers on their terms, AI ensures features and in-app messages are always contextually relevant and rewarding — taking engagement to a whole new level. AI is effectively changing the very nature of apps: from smart functions providers to intelligent digital assistants that help users to achieve their objectives.

How to improve cross-selling?
When your app is more relevant to users, your brand gains momentum, trust and at that stage it is much easier to propose new products. In a way, you could say that AI transforms promotions into valuable advices.

At Emozionella, we created our AI solution with these objectives in mind. Once implemented, the whole experience is adapted in real time to perfectly resonate with the context and personality of the user.

This is excellent for phone apps and essential for smartwatch apps, because it enables you to extend the method that worked for fitness and training - i.e. helping the user achieve goals - to any business.

If you are wondering how our AI can be applied to your app, why don’t you use our free 2 hour consultation?

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